ok... in my ongoing effort to get everything ready for this rollout i am now trying to get an FTP site up and running.

ideally, i want the site to isolate the users, but for not lets leave that alone. using the default FTP that comes on Server 2003 (i'm using Small Business Server) i have problems loggin in. i have created a user: TestFTPUser and given it a password. now.. the default FTP is not isolated, so everyuser should be able to have access to the FTP site. i can log in correctly, and it seems to accept that. yet, i get an error in between the login and when it actually shows me what it in on the site. basically, it cant find the contents of the folder.

An eror occured opening that folder on the FTP Server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder.

The FTP session was terminated.
now, before you ask, i have tried granting TestFTPUser explict Full Control on the default FTP folder... to no avail. i have tried this with another FTP Site object (after disabling teh default on) where i isolate users. different setup, same effect... i can login, and it accepts me... yet i cannot actually get to the folder.