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Thread: win xp and win xp... dual boot?

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    win xp and win xp... dual boot?

    ok.. my dad has a machine running win me ( i know.. i know)... its a piece of shit with nothing but continual errors.... my friend borrowed me a copy of win xp to see how it would run on his machine and if he liked it.

    see my problem is that im not to sure of the legitimacy of this copy of xp, and before i go through the hassllee of formatting my dads computer and such to see if it works, i would just like to put it on the second drive on my compter

    C: drive is the 80 gig that came with my coputer
    and D:\ is a 40 gig that i have as well.....

    is there a way to do a dual boot with two copys of win xp? would i have to format the D:\ drive, or could i just install it into the D:\ drive and it would give me the option for a dual boot.. any help would be great.. thanks

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