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Thread: My Documents

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    My Documents

    In windows 98 I used to move the My Documents folder to my secondary hard drive. Then if I had to format and reinstall my software and OS I didn't have to bother about losing work as all my work was automatically stored on the other hard drive. the thing is can this still be done in WinXP? I've tried but can't seem to manage it. The best I can do is get a shortcut on the secondary drive

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    Yes it's possible!

    1. Right click on My Documents (in the Start menu or on the Desktop)
    2. Choose Properties
    3. Type in the secondary drive in the Target field. (eg. D: )
    4. Click OK or Apply
    5. Windows will ask you if you would like to move all of the documents from the old location to the new location.
    6. Click Yes or No

    NB - In effect the My Documents folder is only a shorcut to another location on your HDD. Regardless of whether you use the default My Documents or create a new one.

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