Hi everyone,

maybe this is not the correct forum for this question but I hope to find someone here who could tell me what to do: Since some time (before I never had such problems) my MediaPlayer does not work correctly any more when Netmeeting is not active at the same time, nor does the CD-player. Both are playing but I don't hear anything and the loudness can be changed only on the Netmeeting-window. Talking and listening over Netmeeting itself is working fine, no problems at all, so it cannot be my audio settings.
First I thought maybe there is some problem with the codecs so I downloaded the latest possible version of MP (I'm using Windows 98 SE) but it did not change anything.
In the meantime I had the idea if it could not be caused by the ASPI-card I installed for my Umax-scanner and which I had to remove again because it put all my system upside down? It sounds strange but after all - you never know...
If somebody had an idea what could be changed to make it work again as it should I'd be very grateful indeed!