Hi All
Being the "pro-active tinkerer" that i am, I decided to try deleting that pesky MS spyware bit of software called CTFMON.EXE last week. I've done it before - do a search on the computer, then delete all occurances of CTFMON.EXE - but this time it didn't work. Well, that is to say, CTFMON is deleted, but my system is NOT happy. Every time I launch any MS app (IE, Outlook, Excel, Word etc), a message comes up saying the MS Office Windows Installer is installing softare. I thought perhaps I could fix the problem by re-installing Office, but Office won't let me reinstall! And the message also comes up repeatedly when I first send or receive mail or do spell checks in Outlook. I knew Uncle Bill was a control-freak, but this is ridiculous! I am loathe to reinstall Windows (partly because I don't have an SP2 boot CD, only SP1), but partly because I don't want that stupid CTFMON back. However, these "error" messages are starting to tick me off more than Uncle Bill spying on me. Is there an "easy" way to create some sort of "ghost" Registry entry that will make Windows stop being such a turd?
Thanks all