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Thread: IE6 doesnt work

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    IE6 doesnt work

    When I click on my desktop icon for Interent Explorer, I get the hour glass symbol in place of the cursor for about 2 seconds and then nothing happens. I have not been able to access IE for about 2 months and do not know why. I have Windows Xp. Also, when I click properties on the IE icon, I keep getting a homepage address that I do not want- when I try to reset it and use " blank" the home page address I dont want keeps coming up and never changes. I can use my AOL browser, but it doesnt work when I try to retrieve message from other AOL accounts- Aol people said its probablyl the ie browser problem but they never really helped me to fix it. Any suggestions?

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    hi SteveB and welcome to techzonez,

    it sounds like you have a bad case of spyware.

    try the info here and report back

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