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Thread: Bootable Windows Xp

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    Bootable Windows Xp

    For those with damaged, corrupt or non bootable windows XP cd's, who want the pleasure of installing XP by booting up with the CD and going through the installation hassle-free, I recommend this wonderful tutorial.

    It goes through the process and does a wonderful job. Also, you can view it at this article:

    This file contains all the Corporate Files
    NOTE: This file is approx. 12.7MB in size!
    This file contains software you need to make the ISO, burn the ISO etc.

    The files are WinZip archives. You will need a program such as WinZip or WinRAR to extract it. You can download a free shareware version of WinZip from if you don't already have a copy. Contents:

    1. index.html - HTML version of this tutorial
    2. ascii_version.txt - ASCII version of this tutorial
    3. winnt.sif - Unattended installation file
    4. - The Windows XP Boot CD Boot Sector
    5. cdr38e-e.exe - CDRWIN CD Burning Software
    (Also available from [this software is used for making the ISO]
    6. - FireBurner CD Burning Software
    (Also available from [this software is used for burning the ISO] Contents:

    1. Win95upg.inf - only replace the original file if you are using an original Windows XP CD-ROM from the US
    3. Setupp.ini
    4. Pidgen.dll
    5. Oembios.si_
    6. Oembios.da_
    7. Oembios.ca_ - only replace the original file if you are using an original Windows XP CD-ROM from the US
    8. Oembios.bi_
    9. Nt5inf.ca_ - only replace the original file if you are using an original Windows XP CD-ROM from the US
    10. Eula.txt - only replace the original file if you are using an original Windows XP CD-ROM from the US
    11. Dpcdll.dl_


    1. Put in the Windows XP CD-ROM and hold down the SHIFT button to stop the CD from auto running.

    2. Open Explorer and make the folder as follows. (Drive Letter):\winxpcd.

    3. Copy all the files from the Windows XP CD to (Drive Letter):\winxpcd on to your HD. Now open (Drive Letter):\winxpcd and press CTRL+A to select all the files, now go to File->Properties to view the properties for all the files and folders, UNcheck the Read Only option in the attributes section, then click OK. If you don't remove the Read Only attribute the Service Pack slipstreaming might not work.

    4. Make a folder called (Drive Letter):\corporate_filepack

    5. Extract all the files from to the (Drive Letter):\corporate_filepack

    6. Go to the folder (Drive Letter):\corporate_filepack and select ALL the files (press CTRL+A) and then copy them (CTRL+C)

    7. Now go to (Drive Letter):\winxpcd\i386 and paste all the the files (CTRL+V), You will be asked if you want to overwrite the files in the directory. If you are making your cd using files from a US version of Windows XP then overwrite ALL files, if you are not then do NOT overwrite the following: Win95upg.inf, Oembios.ca_, Nt5inf.ca_, Eula.txt (also shown in the contents above) if you DO overwrite these files and are using a NON US original (eg. Japanese) then your system will NOT install!

    8. You will NOT be able to use your original serial number that you got with your Windows XP CD when you bought it! You need to use a "Volume Licensing Edition" serial number, as these are hard to find I have listed a few below.
    This is the most used serial number: FCKGW RHQ## YXRKT 8TG6W 2B7Q8 if the above serial doesn't work try one of the following


    You can copy over the file winnt.sif (from the file) to the I386 folder and it will do an "unattended" install for Windows XP, meaning you wont need to insert the serial number, etc.

    9. Install CDRWIN, if it is not already installed

    10. Make a folder called (Drive Letter):\winxpboot & (Drive Letter):\winxpiso, then extract xpboot.bin out of to (Drive Letter):\winxpboot\

    11. Check (Drive Letter):\winxpcd\ it should have all these files there:


    If all files are not there you need start all over. You can also add any other device drivers you need and programs you want to install. Just make a folder such as (Drive Letter):\winxpcd\drivers and (Drive Letter):\winxpcd\apps

    12. Open CDRWIN and choose the File Backup and Tools option

    13. In the BACKUP/TOOL Operation Choose the "Build an ISO9660 Image File"

    14. In FILE BACKUP List click the DIRECTORY button and choose the directory where you copied Windows XP (Drive Letter):\winxpcd. Click OK. Then click the ADD button. You should see the directory in the big box now.

    15. Make sure the following boxes are CHECKED

    Include Hidden Files
    Long FileNames(JOLIET)
    Include System Files
    Recurse SubDirectories

    16. For IMAGE FILENAME click the three dots at the right and choose the directory (Drive Letter):\winxpiso and call the file winxpcd.iso. Then click Save. You should see the pathname and the filename of your .iso in the box, it should look like this "(Drive Letter):\winxpiso\winxpwpafree.iso".

    17. Check the Disable Version Numbers box.

    18. Click the Advanced Options button.

    19. For the Volume Descriptor set it up as follows:

    Volume Label: WINXP_PRO
    Volume Set Name: WINXP_PRO
    Preparer Name: MICROSOFT CORPORATION, ONE MICROSOFT WAY, REDMOND WA 98052, (206) 882-8080

    20. Dates/Times & Import Session tab don't need to be changed

    21. For the Bootable Disc tab check "Make Bootable Disc" and enter the following details:

    Media Emulation Type: Custom Image
    File Name: (Drive Letter):\winxpboot\boot.bin.
    Load Segment: 07C0
    Load Sector Count: 4

    22. Click OK and then START. This will create the ISO in the directory (Drive Letter):\winxpiso with the filename winxp.iso

    23. Now you can burn the ISO with FireBurner or any other CD Burning software that supports burning ISO's, I have included FireBurner as it is the best program I have found to burn ISO's

    How to burn the ISO to CD with FireBurner:

    Load FireBurner, you will get a small mainly black window on your screen with FIREBURNER written on it, underneath that there are 5 main program options, click "Visual Cue Burner/Binchunker". This will make another window appear and the first window to disappear. Click and drag your ISO into the white area of the window, you will see it appear as a track in the window. RIGHT click on the track, a context menu will load with several options, select "Burn / Test Burn". A Drive Selector window will now open, from here select all the option you want (I normally uncheck Test Burn"), when all your settings are to your liking click OK and your CD will begin to burn (if a blank CDr is not in the drive FireBurner will open the drive and request a CDr). When the disk has been burnt, click close FireBurner and install!!


    Important Update - 18/Feb/02
    There is a risk in using the version of Windows XP made with this tutorial. In the past few days a Windows XP Key Gen has appeared on the internet somehow! Now because of this Microsoft are probably going to "deactivate" Windows XP versions that bypass WPA using the technique I have designed in this tutorial. However Microsoft can ONLY do this via Windows Update or Service Packs (basically any type of update to Windows XP), this is not a problem but to the people who like to update their system with every update and Service Pack I would advise against making a CD-ROM that bypasses WPA.
    If you want anymore information please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Important Update - 11/Feb/02
    I have had reports saying that this also works on Windows XP Home Edition, however doing so will make a hybrid Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Home Edition OS! Because of this no one knows what will happen when and if you install a version dependant patch, such as a Service Pack, It *might* make your system unusable!! I would suggest against this unless you don't mind taking the risks. I have had reports from people saying it worked fine (apart from little things like it booting up saying Windows XP Pro :P).
    So good luck if you do attempt it and if you could please email me to let me know how it goes

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    Good stuff BB. A very comprehensive guide.

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    SP1/1a/2 should just overwrite all upgraded files with the necessary versions, copying over improper files should be just fine.

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