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Thread: p2p error 4226 occuring

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    Exclamation p2p error 4226 occuring

    The webbrowser is slowing down or not running, anytime I try to exchange any files on P2P networks, or each time it says that it's working, I still get event ID 4226.

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    Are you using SP2 ? if you are it limits your simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts.

    First you should scan your system and make sure you don't have Trojans or worms.

    If your system is clean then go Here and read up, get the patch and remember your on your own if it screws up

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    Of Course we are using P2P software for non-copyrighted material

    --- 0wN3D by 3gG ---

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash_site
    Of Course we are using P2P software for non-copyrighted material
    U mean u get copyrighted material on p2p networks for free??? why those...#@#%^#
    Darn it, what'll they think of next - flying machines ??
    didnt their mothers teach 'em not to affirm by copyright laws !!

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