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Thread: Can Security Update CD's be customized?

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    Can Security Update CD's be customized?

    I have the Microsoft Security Update CD(Feb 2004). I'm interested in finding out if I can make a new cd that will install the security updates *without* the newer versions of Windows Media Player (and Direct X too); but most of all leave out the newer WMP's.

    And even possibly add the critical updates that have come out after Feb 2004?

    I'm kind of the guru in my family and when they need to have their operating system reinstalled, they let me do it. I'm always forgetting that the WMP and DirectX will get upgraded if I use the CD.

    I can't remember if there is an option for a custom install on the CD where I can de-select WMP and/or DirectX, and leave the version that their operating system installs. They mostly use 98 and WindowsMe on older computers. Nobody is into a lot of media applications that they'd need the more advanced programs. What they have is plenty for them.

    Plus, the newer WMP's do not play nice with Roxio, despite the latest Roxio updates, and that causes problems for them too.

    So, my question is basically...if I explored the update CD and copied all but the WMP and DirectX folders and made a new cd, would it still scan their system and install all the rest of the needed updates? Or does anyone know if there is a custom install option on the original CD and I can do it from there?


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    Hi Mommabear - I'm far from expert, but your question rang a bell - you might be able to gain something from this site.


    Another site which explains slipstreaming quite well.

    I should add that I know this is XP based but it may be that some of the techniques meet your needs, or at least identify some of the terminology or software that will help.
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    Thanks Jouneyman, but that's not quite what I need although I guess I could do it that way if I have too.

    Most of the family installs are for 98 and Windows Me. I have those OS CD's so I could do a slipstream if that's the only way.

    What I was hoping to do was somehow modify the Service Pack and Critical Update CD that I got from Microsoft to still scan their system and install their needed patches and Service Packs automatically but without upgrading WMP and DirectX.

    Basically, I'm trying to find out if copying the files and folders from that CD along with the "run" to a new CD but *without* including the WMP and DirectX folders would still work.

    I don't think the CD, run as is, offers a choice to do a custom install so I can leave out the WMP and DirectX upgrades. If I'm wrong about the custom install on the original CD and somebody here knows it can be done, please let me know.

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    I'm not sure this could actually work... I think the Febraury security cd is for win2k or XP only so not sure you can actually use it for win98/ME ??

    In any event, the Security CD is obsolete, as you can now order a free Windows XP service pack CD from M$, however only for XP...

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    The Security CD is actually updated every month and released with the technet subscription. To be exact they are 3 CDs, and the last one is the one updated every month. Slipstreaming to that CD should not be difficult. Actually not needed, just copy the files to the hard drive and add folders as you like. Even change the html, or copy the content and add the new files.
    PS, there should be a scan file. If you follow my method, the scan might not work. You will need a new cab file which has the information to be scanned together with the updates. The cab can actually be found easily since it is used by SUS server. I don't know the url though
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