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Thread: Edit Outlook Form

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    Edit Outlook Form

    Does anyone know how to edit a custom Outlook form? You'd think it would be easy - you'd be wrong. It would be fair to say that on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being "the world is lovely", 10 being "I'm an axe-wielding homocidal maniac"), that I am at 10, in terms of frustration with Outlook.
    I don't remember how I created my own custom form in the first place, but now I want to edit it. The form is used as an e-mail template, which I use regularly. When I go into forms editor, it will NOT let me edit the body text and resave it. Would one of you Office "gurus" out there please tell me how to do this before I start killing people...

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    No idea, only ever did it when studying Exchange server - this may help although it is a little long winded.

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