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Thread: blue Screen and reset - new folders, saving etc.

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    blue Screen and reset - new folders, saving etc.

    I use a centrino laptop xp home. Recently every time I try to create a new folder or save something the blue screen appears with white writing, and then the computer turns itself off then on again. The Blue screen onkly appears for a second before it restarts, but it says something about hard disk space, bios, possiblly software hardware, ip address conflicts - not really sure.
    An ideas? I'm pretty clueless about all this type of thing!!!

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    hi btompsett!

    welcome to techzonez.

    We will need to the message you are seeing on the blue screen. to see this you need to go to the start menu/control panel/system

    select advanced/startup and recovery settings/
    uncheck the automatically restart option.

    press ok and go about your business. when your computer crashes next you should see the blue screen of death and you will be able to write the error message down. post the info here as well as what you were doing and i'm sure someone here will help you out

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    thank you info coming soon

    Hi, and thank you, I will do as instructed, and post info here soon

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