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Thread: Longhorn create new folder fix

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    Longhorn create new folder fix

    Hello, I have recently gotten a beta version of Windows Longhorn and have noticed that you cannot create a new folder from the right-click menu. After looking around on the internet for fixes I have learned that you can use the mkdir command to create one. I have found it tedious to open the command prompt and cd to the directory where I want the new folder so I created a program that would create a new folder automatically. The program was made using AutoIt and there are two ways to use it:

    1.) Double-click: copy the program to the directory where you want the new folder and double-click it, and there will be a folder named "New Folder" right there in the same directory where you executed it in. If you execute it again in the same directory, it will create a folder named "New Folder (2)" and so on...

    2.) Command prompt: Here is the syntax for executing it from the command prompt:

    folder "new folder name" ["new folder name" ["new folder name" ...]]

    (The bracketed [] parameters are optional.)

    The link:


    The fix does not drop any files or registry keys and you can take it off your system by simply deleting it.

    I hope that I have helped out!

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    This will be beneficial for those needing a fix.

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