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Thread: Cheapest Dedicated Hosting

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    Cheapest Dedicated Hosting

    I think I just found the cheapest dedicated hosting on the planet. Most sites are either shared or dedicated in their hosting plans. Shared hosting is far cheaper than a dedicated plan but there are several negatives that come with it being shared.

    Basically hosting sites take 1 server, and partition it up so that each user on the shared plan gets part of the server offering. They may share 1 dedicated server with 5 web site owners.

    Each website uses some of the resources, bandwidth, CPU cycles, Ram etc... in the hosting of their site.

    With a dedicated plan you get the whole server for only your site, which is far more reliable and usually quite expensive.

    Also along with both plans you usually get some sort of FTP access, email accounts, technical support, website tools and so on.

    Well I think I found the cheapest dedicated server, though it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles:

    AMD 2000+
    256 MB SDRAM
    40 GB Hard Drive
    200 GB Traffic
    100Mbps Connection

    You get that for $29.95/mo + setup fee. The setup fee comes at 50% off.

    More info about this plan below:

    It also compares this plan to the other more expensive plans. As for the quality of the host, ServerPronto, I am not too sure. They've been in business since 1999.


    ServerPronto is a dedicated hosting subsidiary of Infolink, one of a few profitable Data Center Corporations in the world. From it's beginning in January 1999, Infolink served the "Value Orientated" segment of the Internet market. Not by offering a sub-standard product at a low price...

    Here are some reviews of ServerPronto's services:

    I believe it comes with a 30 day guarantee as well.

    The downsides that I can tell are:

    you get 2 tech support "tickets" per month. That means if you have more than 2 technical support issues, you pay $15 per issue after the 2 free per month.

    YOu get 2 free. These are physical reboots.. Example, your machine hung and remote reboot will not work. If they have to send a technician in to physically reboot your machine more than 2 times, you are going to pay $29.00 each instance over the first 2 free a month.

    Server tools:
    You get webmin free, and Plesk as well as Cpanel are extra. Plesk is a one time setup fee, and Cpanel is an additional $40/mo {I think that is a bit extreme}

    System Restore:
    If they have to restore your system for some reason, you are getting charged $69 on this plan for each instance.. no freebies with this one.


    It's a good deal if you need a dedicated, basic, unmanaged server (you should know how to setup a server, install updates, etc..).

    If you are clueless you might want to pay the extra for a managed server so that you can spend more time on your site and less setting up and maintaining your site server.

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    My cheapest dedicated server is with and cost $110 monthly. Most of what is described above is free. Probably because ev1servers is the largest data center in the U.S.

    It is a Celeron 2G, 1,000 GB bandwidth per month, 1 Gig of RAM, 2 hard drives. It serves 25 clients with low-end needs and earns approximately $400 profit monthly.

    I have more expensive servers for high-end clients, but the profit is about the same.

    Anyone interested in making money and serving their own game clan should seriously look into a dedicated server.

    Nice post Boogz. I will have a look at
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