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Thread: How to get a pic's icon in a file of the icon only?

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    Is there a way to get just a pic's icon in a file of the icon only?

    Have tried but no luck.

    The icon(s) in question are sitting in My Documents and have, of course, a picture file associated with them. I believe that the three different icons I am interested in all come from different viewers, though the only viewers I have (as listed in the "Open With" pop-up) are Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, Paint, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready.

    Now I just used to use Corel PhotoPaint and its icon was a tiny camera. But only 3-4 days ago I uninstalled Corel and installed PhotoShop. Since then these 3 new icons have shown up in picture files saved in My Documents. And I would like to know what viewer the icons came from.

    How to find that out? Well, I thought if I could get a file of just the icon (1 for each file), I could attach them to a post and someone at Techzonez might know. Is there a ways to do this?. I mean I could describe the icon but a small 16x16 pixel or 32x32 pixel file would be a much better way.

    If it makes a difference, I'm running XP.


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