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Thread: Icons Not Right

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    Icons Not Right

    Hey. im running Windows ME.
    My problem is that in the start menu the icons show up as something else.
    For example Microsoft Photo Editor.. its icon would show up as Yahoo and its happening to all of my programs on start menu..
    This doesn't happen on the desktop though.
    Please help


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    I found another problem maybe somebody could help me with.
    when i load up explorer sometimes there is this blue strip that pops up along the bottom it says "make money, music, casino, investing, travel and mortgage" + other selections like dating, travel, careers, credit, computers and insurance as well as a search bar.
    its able to be closed but its very irritating poping up whenever u open a new window.

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    You got two seperate things going on here.

    The first is the need to re-create your IconCache. Errors in the icon cache will cause the problems you describe. Follow the instructions here to do this.

    Icons Randomly Change to Different Icons

    Your second problem sounds like an advertising BHO has been installed. You can easily and simply examine and stop the installed BHO's you don't want running by using this program.


    If you want to completely remove the BHO you can run this program which is a little more complex and a bit more likely to allow you to mess things up. Even if you want to completely remove it run BHODemon first to identify it which will make is simpler to use HijackThis to remove it.


    It is possible it is not a BHO in which case BHODemon will appear to give you nothing to work with. In that case you would do well to run HijackThis and if you can't find anything suspect post the HijackThis log in the forum for review.

    Download links for Slimbrowser:
    Lite Edition of Slimbrowser | Regular Edition of Slimbrowser

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