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Thread: WinXP Problems

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    Question WinXP Problems

    My friend gave me his computer to fix but did not know how screwed up it was. Apparently he had tons of viruses including SoBig and others which may have led to the following problems;

    First on boot XP would get to the blue screen then reboot in a loop type fashion. If you left the machine on it would do this all day long.

    I tried to repair using the Repair utilities or /cmdcons but when I got to the Admin password the passwords he had given me did not take. Is there any other work around to repair that copy? Can I replace the corrupted file that stopping it from booting up? If not I have some more questions.

    I reinstalled XP thinking it would just overwrite the previous version leaving me to create shortcuts to a couple of programs but it actually installed another copy seperate from the first version. So when I bootup I can select the first or second version. Anyway he has a ton of programs like MS Works and Office etc... and I was wondering if there was any quick way to make those programs work on the new version of XP that I installed? The obviously don't all work correctly because it was installed on the non working version of XP.

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Sounds to me like your better off to format and start all over again. Doesn't your friend have the cd's to reinstall the office programs ?

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    i agree, if your friend has as many viruses as you describe, nuke it for morbid and reload from scratch ~s

    besides, i've heard xp is not user-friendly to uninstall and reload. best to format and start all over...
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