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Thread: XP Bootup Blank screen with only cursor

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    XP Bootup Blank screen with only cursor

    I recently tried to install the SP2. The downloading was completed but the installation screen did not pop up. I wait for a long while before I decided to manually close the application.

    It didn't go wrong at that point.

    The same night I noticed my "internet connection" was having some unusually busy activities (even with no browser or instant messaging software of any kind in operation, the lights just kept blinking). So I decided to operate a system restore to bring my machine back to a point which I feel safe about.

    The restore couldn't be completed. The screen froze at a blank screen (that was several hours later that I found out after that, I left home before I operated the system restore). With no choice I tried to reboot my computer, thinking that things will be "ok" even if nothing is fixed.

    Here's my problem: The monitors showed "COMPAQ", then the usual "WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL" screen, then...instead of the screen which asks me to key-in my password, it went into a blank screen with a white little cursor...

    I could still turn on and off the cap-lock, num-lock and so forth on my keyboard, but those won't bring anything onto the screen as expected. I tried most of the function keys, ctrl-alt-del and none worked. The screen remained blank - with the white arrow cursor. One funny thing is, I did put a CD into the CD-rom to see how the machine will react. The CD icon showed up right next to the white arrow cursor indicating that the computer did detect a CD in the drive....but nothing happened afterwards...

    I thought about operating the Windows Repair but several friends recommend me not to do so, as that will put my data into a risk. Reinstalling XP will automatically erase everything in the "my document" folder....

    What can I do??

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    Can you get into vsafe mode?

    If not, it's time to backup/format/reinstall

    If you don't have a backup of my documents, the easiest thing to do is to buy a 2nd physical internal HD.

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