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Thread: IE 6.0 Installation

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    IE 6.0 Installation

    I installed a Cool Tronix digital camera and all was fine. When I booted the computer up the next day, I got the error message that IE had caused an error in the unknown. Also, another message came up saying that Avast would not be able to scan incoming email messages. When I "xed" out to close the dialog box on the IE error message, my desktop would refresh, and I'd have to restore my active desktop. It would do this all the time. For a while I could open stuff, then it got to where nothing would open. I could get on the internet, but no pages would come up. Then I could open stuff, some days I could, some days I couldn't. I unstalled the avast and Cool Tronix programs. Same problem. Error message and desk top refresh. I tried to do a system restore several times, and it said it couldn't do it. So, I did a system recovery. Solved the problem. Before this happened I was using Outlook Expess 6.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0. So I download the SP6. Now the problem is that when it tries to install it, it says some of the components could not be installed and tells me to try again. This is happening over and over. It installs like to 75% and then stops. I've disabled my Avast virus and tried it that way. Nothing. Anybody else ever had this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I dunno. You've taken the majority of usual steps...

    One other thing you could try is system file checker:

    click start, click run, then type:

    /sfc scannow

    that should initialize the system file checker. Make sure your XP disk is available (I am assuming you are using windows XP) and then it should find and replace any damaged or corrupted/missing system files.

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