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Thread: MAME trademark hijacked legally by Ultracade CEO

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    MAME trademark hijacked legally by Ultracade CEO

    David R. Foley, the CEO of Ultracade who has no affiliation with MAME whatsoever, has now trademarked the name and logo that has been used by MAME for the past eight years. It has been said that he plans to file suit against the authors of MAME. More on this situation as it develops. More information at the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

    forum discussion,

    stand up for mame everyone!!!
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    what a load of poo... money hungry dog faced toad licking shit bags.... I cannot stand this kind of crap....

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    surely they wouldnt have a case, if MAME has become a household name by now, and that it is easily recognisable as the emulator software!! damn man for stealling

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