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Thread: Cannot find a device file that may be needed

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    Cannot find a device file that may be needed

    I had some problems with applications and had to uninstall Norton Security. Now at startup I get the message "Cannot find a device file that may be neded to run windows...The windows registry or system.ini file refers to this device file but it no longer exists. vspf_hk.vxd." I have looked all over the 'net to find answers, and have tried a few things but nothing has worked. I have tried to install another antivirus program (Panda) and everything works except for the Firewall Protection. When I click to install from the menu, it comes up with "The ADSLDPC.DLL file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:RtllnitUnicodeString. I had a look on the net for answers to that error also, and I tried to replace my current NTDLL.DLL file with a newer version but it says I can't replace or delete as it is being used by windows. Can someone please help...I'm tearing my hair out here! I'm running Win 98. Cheers, Ana.

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    One thing I recommend is this, run a system scan..

    Next, I recommend trying to find this vspf_hk.vxd and remove it and all related entries from the registry.

    Fire up regedit..

    Once in regedit, first create a back up. This is important. In case you screw it up you can repair it with the backup.

    Next search the registry for all terms related to vspf_hk.vxd and delete them. Then reboot.

    Did that fix your problem?

    Second try msconfig.. see if anything remaining from NORTON or SyMANTEC is listed in the "startup" tab... if there are items, uncheck them. Then reboot.

    Did that fix your issue?

    And to replace NTDLL.DLL you'll need to either do it in safemode or in DOS...

    In the end you may just have to back up all your data onto some storage solution, CDR, DVDR, Second HDD, etc... and reformat...

    If you got the reformat way, you might consider updating your windows 98 with the SP1..

    Take a look at that site for more information.. Hope that helps and welcome to TZ.

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    if you have your win98 cd you can go to start run and type SFC. this is a system file checker and will replace any system files that are missing or corrupt.

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    Look in the registry and system ini files for vspf_hk.vxd and remove references to it especially if in the StaticVxds bit of the registry. Search your system for ntdll.dll - missing export messages often mean you have 2 of the same file, the one in SYSTEM or SYSTEM32 is the one you want to keep delete the others (usually in a program folder). You can also try RNIS.EXE if your NIS was 2003 or earlier.

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