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Thread: Removing/replacing part of attached picture

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    Removing/replacing part of attached picture

    In this picture I would like to remove the black and white flag, the letters: VIP and the words "parts, Tires & Service." I want onlyl to replace this area so it looks like the rest of the floor. I have 2 questions:

    1. The clone stamp tool from Photoshop 7 should do this handily I should think. But can I expect a perfect result , so perfect that it will end up looking as if the area in question had never even been in the image; that that area had just all been the floor or floor covering. Is this possible with skill, experience and great patience? I've used this tool but I find it difficult to make it as perfect as I would like. I have trouble blending in the areas at the very edges of the of the tool as I drag it around. I find it takes very very precise control of the mouse especially if the areas are small. How do people who read this find the situation?

    2. And what's the name of the tool that lets me select a rectangular area and remove it, leaving only a blank white space and is there any advantage in trying to do what I want with that tool as opposed to the clone stamp tool?

    BTW, the sum of my attachments is 348.5 KB. How do I delete them--or do I have to?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wumply
    BTW, the sum of my attachments is 348.5 KB. How do I delete them--or do I have to?
    You are allowed 1mb of attachments (1024kb). If you want to delete any,go to your User CP and click the Attachments link located under the "Miscellaneous" heading.

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    additionally, you can use imageshack to host all your images for free and simply provide a link to the picture here.

    solid colors are much easier to clone than complex shapes. comples shapes will have to be re-created or re-drawn by the user if blocked by text ot unwanted obstacles.

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