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Thread: icon driving me nuts

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    Angry icon driving me nuts

    I have a LAN icon that shows itself on the display on the lower right of the screen near the rest of the icons.
    In my "network connections" folder i MUST have "enabled" if i want log on to the internet thru my "broadband" (dsl) desktop icon.
    Before i never had this LAN icon in that notification display and would like to know how to get rid of it.
    It's driving me nuts asking around with nobody really knowing.
    Sometimes when im ON the internet i get a yellow exclaimation over the 2-computer icon...grrr

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    Go to Network Connections then right click on the LAN click properties. Then look for the check box at the bottom of the window which says "Show icon in notification area when connected" Uncheck this. Then Apply and OK

    That should remove the icon from the tray. The yellow exclamation is just the Windows Sercurity Centre. Nothing can be done about that.
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    thanks Josh, but for some reason, it's still showing even when the box is unchecked.
    didn't have to do a thing, it was already unchecked.
    any ideas?

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