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Thread: Before I install XP on dual hard drives

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    Question Before I install XP on dual hard drives

    Right now I'm running WIN98SE. I have two 40MB hard drives, master and slave. I clone the master to the slave every week so I have good backup. I"m ready to upgrade to XP, but until I'm sure I want to stay with XP, I want to keep the slave intact, just in case. If I decide to stay with XP then I want to clone the master to the slave and continue as I did with 98SE. (I use DRIVE2DRIVE to clone). My question before I start: What kind of problems should I anticipate?
    Should I disconnect the second drive during installation?

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    XP will run fine depending on how good your hardware is you really want at least a 1ghz+ processor and 256MB ram and all hardware to be pretty recent (less than 2-3 yrs old) but don't upgrade do a clean install. Windows 98 does not upgrade properly to Windows XP - clean is best. I would remove the second drive just for peace of mind, the phrase 'human error' has come about for good reason and we can all click the wrong thing.
    You might also consider dual booting.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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