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Thread: Gizmondo gadget hits the shelves

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    Gizmondo gadget hits the shelves

    The Gizmondo combined media player, phone and gaming gadget goes on sale on Saturday. Priced at 229, the handheld device is debuting in the UK and goes on sale in the US and mainland Europe in the next few weeks.

    A catalogue of about 20 games is being prepared for the gadget including The Great Escape and Conflict Vietnam.

    The British-backed gadget faces stiff competition from handheld gaming devices made by Nintendo and Sony.

    The Gizmondo device packs a lot of functions inside its black cover and is aimed at gamers and those that want more from their game-playing gadgets.

    It can be used to play games, music tracks and movies. It can take and store digital photos and be used like a mobile phone to send text, multimedia and e-mail messages. The phone service to enable people to send messages is being provided by pre-pay Vodafone accounts bundled in with the device.

    It also works with GPS (Global Position System) so can also be used as a navigation aid or to support a variety of location-based services.

    Full story: BBC News

    View: Gizmondo homepage

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    where does it and bounds in the tech world....time to go shoppin....woo hoo.

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    great news looks good!

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