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Thread: xp boot disk?

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    xp boot disk?

    is it possible to make a boot (floppy) disk for win xp?
    a friends computer isnt booting properly, it happened about a week ago again and i put any floppy disk in it and it would boot up fine that wont work?any ideas?

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    A windows XP quickboot diskette is used to boot into your otherwise
    healthy XP when your startup files are bad, missing, corrupted, or
    the MBR is damaged.

    While the boot.ini file is technically specific to each machine
    depending on what partition you have Windows installed on and if
    you have a multiple boot setup, the majority of pcs have windows
    on C: in the default folder and are using an IDE hard drive.

    Unlike other bootdisks, the quickboot diskette doesn't care where
    the 3 main boot files are located, so simply unpacking them to a
    disk that has been formatted on an XP pc should result in a workable
    disk for the majority of PCs.

    To create this disk, simply copy these files to an disk that was
    formatted on an XP PC. Keep in mind that you can also format a disk in
    XP and then use it on another PC like a win9X pc to make this disk.

    One can simply unzip this pack to A:

    Of course, it may work on an XP PC using any old disk, depending....

    Perhaps you just need a basic boot.ini to copy to the root folder.

    To use this disk set the pc to boot from the A: drive first by going
    into the bios and setting the boot order.

    Kindest regards,
    Ed Jablonowski

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