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Thread: Whatever happened to the XP Tweaks

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    Whatever happened to the XP Tweaks

    Wasn't there an XP tweaks page on Techzonez at one time? I recall accessing it to disable balloon tips and messenger and all those other annoying XP programs.

    Anyway, I am looking for a program that is a really good XP Tweak program, I know that there is a TweakUI version for XP but that does not seem to run right on my system for some reason (I can post that later).

    Rather than manually disable all the unneccessary stuff, does anyone have any freeware, shareware recommendations on a good XP TweaK Program?

    I saw one on called Tweak XP-Pro which looks kind of good, but I thought I would survey the board for some feedback first.

    (I know that some tweak programs can mess up your registry bad that's why I am cautious in downloading something without asking for your suggestions first)

    Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

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    How about this:

    * Supports all Windows operating systemsWindows operating systems up to Windows 2003.
    * More than 1.700 hidden functions can be controlled.
    * Step-by-step process with wizards.
    * All recorded changes can be applied to other machines.
    * Extendible with additional plugins and wizards.
    * With plugins for Microsoft Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
    * Automatic updates via internet.
    * Loading a different user or computer registry.
    * For use in a preinstalled environnment e.g. on a bootable image.

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    i use tweak-xp demo version, i only need to run it once when setting up a pc... set all the tweaks, then either uninstall or dont use it

    Does more than enough for me.

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