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Thread: Apple Quicktime problem (error #0)?

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    Angry Apple Quicktime problem (error #0)?

    Hey guys,
    My first day here...would like to say "hello"!

    Got a problem with apple quicktime...although I am usually wary to install anything from Apple, I went ahead and installed quicktime on my recently, personally built, PC. After much frustration in trying to use it I ended up uninstalling it. Usually after an "uninstall" I go back into explorer (I'm using office XP as my OS) and manually delete all traces of the program (such as deleting the saved games folder after uninstalling a game...etc...). After I did this sometimes I try and open up a media file (I'm using Mozilla firefox as my internet browser) i get the following error...

    "failed to initialize quicktime error #0
    please make sure that apple quicktime is properly installed on this system"

    I've tried running some registry editors but everyone keeps telling me that my registry is fine (or "seems" to be fine)....

    anyone out there know this problem or can help? Remember I just joined so it may take me awhile to get used to this forum! Thanks guyz!!!

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    Hey bubba,welcome to TZ.I had the same thing happen to me.You will have to reinstall Quicktime to make the error go away and then find the Firefox plugin for Apple Quicktime so that the app will work.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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    WIll try Zipp!

    Thanks for the advice Zip I will go ahead and try that...sorry that it took me so long to reply...newbie here...

    BTW: is there anyway that I can uninstall QT permanently and not have the error there? I am thinking of a sys restore? Any advice?

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