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    AVOX DVD Player

    Just purchased one of these at Carrefour. Great little unit. Got it for 4200 yen.. cheaper than amazon.

    It plays every single format I've stuck in it, except I cannot try a dual layer DVD.. because I haven't got one to test it.

    It is so small, I can fit it easily in a backpack. I bought it to take with me to classes when I teach evening courses so that I can show videos and such to my students. It's compact, portable, and feature packed.

    I like the color. It is silver, with a dark black DVD tray. The remote is tiny and is fully functional.. the though play fastforward, reverse etc.. buttons are oddly located on the remote.

    All in all it is the cheapest player I've found that does every format. Even handles PAL and NTSC without a problem. Is region free, and has great playback. I watched the Alamo today on it.. was totally impressed.

    Great little box, at a can't beat price. By the way it says Avox, but I think this brand is known as APEX outside of Japan... because the logo looks so similar and it is made in China.
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