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Thread: MBR lost

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    Angry MBR lost

    Well my plan for the RAID went belly up last night. I have just got done clean install on everything. I must be getting pretty good at this because it only took me around 6 hours to get set up, scary hugh? Any way my RAID said that 2 of the drives (out of 4) were missing or not communicating. Strangely enough it first said that neither drive on IDE 2 was there which lead me to think that I had lost IDE 2 on the RAID board. I checked all the hardware,cables,connections,etc. and all looked good. Then for what reason I do not know it changed and could not see one HDD on each IDE2 and IDE1. After about an hour more of hardware trouble shooting I bit the bullet and deleted the RAID array which had 2 faulted HDDs. I then maid a new array with all 4 drives and all is fine now. I have about 70 percent of my system set up again. The only thing that I can figure out is the MBR got changed some how and the poor RAID card could not find it`s way home...........

    Anyone have any thoughts as to why this might have happened? I should would like to hear all theories on the matter.....
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