Tips & Tricks
Check your Registry if you are having software problems
The Registry stores settings for programs installed on your computer as well as for your computer's internal operation. If these get corrupted or damaged in any way, your applications, or your computer, won't run correctly.

Windows 98 comes with a utility called Registry Checker that backs up the registry each time you turn your computer on, and scans your Registry at every restart. If Registry Checker finds a problem with your Registry, it will automatically replace it with your most recent backup copy.

To run the Registry Checker at any time:

Click the Start button.
Point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then point to System Tools
Click System Information
Click Tools from the menu bar and then click Registry Checker.
To access your backup copies at any time:

Reboot your computer to the Command Prompt. (Hold down the CTRL key at restart, and choose step #5 from the Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu.)

At the Command Prompt, type -- scanreg /restore and then press Enter.
Registry Checker will scan your Registry again and then display a list with the five most recent backups, listed by date. Highlight which one you want to restore and then press Enter.
Press Enter again to restart.