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Thread: MotoGP4 peelin' out on the PS2

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    MotoGP4 peelin' out on the PS2

    Namco Hometek today announced that MotoGP4 is currently in development and will be available on the PlayStation 2 sometime in the third quarter of this year. This is the fourth PS2 edition of Moto GP, and it's the first since Moto GP 3 was released in 2003.

    In MotoGP4, riders will once again be treated to a realistic simulation of motorcycle grand prix racing. All three racing classes--125cc, 250cc, and GP--from the 2004 season are included in this version, along with 16 real-world courses.

    Gamers will also be able to select from a roster of real professionals, including Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Gardner, and Mick Doohan. When not tearing through a hairpin, riders can upgrade their rides with new parts, as well as test them on practice runs.

    The Moto GP franchise has also seen a tangential series on the Xbox and PC. Moto GP 3 for the Xbox and PC is scheduled to hit the road next month.

    Screenshots: MotoGP4


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    That game is great!

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