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Thread: Video Compression

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    Video Compression

    this may not be the right forum for this but I have a question about video compression. I have a 45-min long or so video file in high-def (~2.8GB), I need to compress it to a couple hundred MB to make it more portable. I am going to make the frame size smaller (currently 720x480) and reduce the framerate slightly. Does anyone know of any compression codecs and qual settings ect to help do that. I tried just using a lower quality setting and I ended up with a 1.2GB file that looked like crap. TIA!

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    Divx, Xvid, Mpeg 4? They all should do well. You'll want to half the frame size. \

    Something like ashampoo will do it automatically for you.

    Know this you are never going to keep the quality at high def. standard.

    Simple Divx might also help you:

    Hope that helps.

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