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Thread: WindowsME SUWIN install error

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    Unhappy WindowsME SUWIN install error

    I've had a look thru TechZonez for info on this problem, but the info I've found doesn't seem to relate properly to the problem I'm having.

    I am fixing a computer for a friend: it is an AMD 900, 256MB RAM, 30GB HDD, WinME. After deleting 200 instances of spyware and 6 viruses / trojans, the system "feels" better, but is still "unhappy". I note that various "basic" components are missing from Windows - stuff like the sound schemes won't work, and there is no way to change the "installed components" thru the Add/Remove Control panel. It all speaks to Windows needing a re-install. Which is what I am trying to do. My friend only has the original OEM install CD. I've only ever worked with ME once before, so am not "up on the play" with it's idiosyncracies. With Win98SE machines I've needed to "reload" in the past, it has simply been a matter of booting onto the install CD and doing an "over-install". That always seems to "replace" all the bits that are missing, but leaves the MyDocs folder and Outlook Express messages intact. Also, I don't have to re-install all the software. I don't know where my friend got all their software from (!), but they certainly don't have all the install CDs.

    Anyway, the short of it is this: is it not possible under ME to just do an "over-install" of Windows? I don't want to have to re-load all the software (even if I DID have access to all the originals)! The install gets to 60%, then an error message saying that SUWIN has a protection error comes up. I have the option to "CLOSE" or "IGNORE", but only CLOSE works. When I chose CLOSE, the machine restarts itself. I have tried the following actions:
    1) Uninstalled the Antivirus on the system
    2) Tried installing from Windows
    3) Tried installing from install CD booted from initial start
    4) Copying CD to hard disk, using ME boot floppy, the running "SETUP" from the copied CD contents on the HDD

    Now, ME is worse than what is was before. Most of the software won't run, although I can get at the Control Panel and some of the basic in-built games. Obviously the re-install has partially worked, but has left the system in something of a "state". I have considered loading Win98SE over the top, then loading WinME from there - will that work, or will I start loosing stuff and making a REAL BIG mess?

    Help please!!!

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    It's not as easy as it looks is it? Unfortunately many of these spyware/adware, trojan, viruses etc... need to be removed in a certain way or you risk reaching the situation you are now in. The simple answer and probably the only answer now is to wipe and reload, first saving off your documents. If you can post the exact SUWIN error message we may be able to help more.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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