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Thread: I cannot delete stored messages in outlook express (HP XP home edition)

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    I cannot delete stored messages in outlook express (HP XP home edition)

    I am new to your forums, so if you have already sorted out someone else with this problem, please direct me to the relevant posts!

    Suddenly today, all methods of deleting stored messages in OE have ALMOST failed.
    By 'almost,' I mean, if I sneak up on it, when I have just opened it up, it will let me delete just one, but no more after that! So I suppose I should say it is working very intermittently.
    I have tried every method of 'delete', also run a virus scan, and a system restore. No luck.
    All Delete commands are working perfectly in everything else on my computer, I can delete text when writing a new e mail, I can also transfer messages to folders within OE - I just can't delete the stored message out of sent items or the inbox.
    I cannot find anything about this problem in my HP help centre or through freeserve's help centre. (wanadoo.)
    We use our computer for work, so it's important to be able to get rid of unnecessary service messages.
    Can anyone help?

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    it happens when the deleted box if filled to capacity. try this:

    go to C:\Windows\Application Data\Identities\{Identity SAM Number}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

    Then rename the Deleted Items.dbx to Deleted Items.old this will force Outlook Express to create a new dbx file.

    this ought to fix the problem. after all, spring cleaning helps .

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