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Thread: lol - it's all Wendy's fault

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    lol - it's all Wendy's fault

    Download commercial:

    It's not just Wendy's facial's the sound of teenage disgust she makes in the back of her throat that sends me over the edge into hysterics....listen carefully next time, it's perfect. Every woman here knows that sound because we spent about 7 years perfecting it ourselves.
    Dan, you are brilliant. I figured I was the only one who thought the Wendy commercial was hilarious. When I'm in my apartment and I hear that commercial come on, I drop whatever I'm doing and run to the TV just to catch that face she makes at the end. I love it! That girl is hysterical!
    I'm glad someone else likes Wendy! I adore the juxtaposition of her "Thank you!" to the Verizon guy and the nasty look she gives her family immediately after.

    She's also one of the few teenage girls on television who actually looks and acts like a teenage girl, so she gets props for that, too.
    I too have to admit, everytime that commercial plays - I drop everything just to see that expression she make in the end.
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