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Thread: embedded MP3s won't play in IE

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    embedded MP3s won't play in IE

    MP3s embedded in (my own) web pages suddenly won't play in my IE6 under XP home. RealPlayer 'General error' message box pops up. Clicking on 'More info available at RealNetworks' (or whatever) button in the notification box does NOT load the page.
    I remade a page, re-uploaded its MP3, uninstalled and reinstalled realPlayer. Still won't play.

    Diagnostics etc. tried:
    Overnight McAfee VirusScan found a virus (or it may have been an unwanted program, can't recall) which VirusScan automatically deleted, but which seems to have been somewhere in my SoundEditPro. I uninstalled and reinstalled that too.
    Now I have IPSentry which McAfee says is harmless. (Grr - all this crap getting through my firewalls... )
    Running AdAware only brings up tracking cookies, nothing sinister.

    Any ideas, please?

    (I make free websites for young singers, so this is a real pain in the *ear.
    e.g. )
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    may have found answer - aargh

    Think it must be corruption of IE as RPlayer works when used direct on other things, and files on the site play ok via ftp.

    RP does launch & play e.g. multimedia at www.deutschegrammophon/

    Any ideas please?

    XP with IE etc. preloaded when I bought the pc (kosher, big retail store etc., H-P Pavilion) so have no XP CD. Any ideas for online help to repair IE (if that's the answer) without the CD?


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    In Your Monitor

    i learnt that microsoft just recently began blocking mp3's through messenger as they think it is a potentially unsafe file type. It is possible they think it is a serious thgreat and have decided to block it in internet explorer. one test is to get firefox

    see if your page works there.

    you should try a test by lowering your security settings in the tools/internet options

    to see if you can get it to work.

    very strange

    someone here will be able to help you more

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    Resolved. It wasn't me at all - it was the web host's firewall settings - too sensitive.


    Thanks, all.

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