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Thread: connecting Ipaq to internet via PC

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    connecting Ipaq to internet via PC

    I have a wireless card in my laptop which is connected to internet via cable modem/and sometimes regular dial-up. What I would like to do is connect to internet using Ipaq 4700 via my laptops internet connection. I am able to establish wireless connection between the two devices, however, when I try to browse web on the Ipaq, I get the message that "The page you are looking for cannot be fpound.". Anyone care to offer step-by-step instructions as to how I need to configure the two devices. (I have spent ages trying to set this up without any success and beginning to get really frustrated). I'm running XP Home edition on laptop.


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    If you are able to get the two networked, then I'd say it is just a matter of setting up internet connection sharing on the laptop, then using the Ipaq to connect over the laptops connection.

    usually when you get the page you are looking for has not been found it means either you don't have the DNS server right, the Gateway, or one of those settings.

    But you may have to purchase a wifi access point, plug it into the modem, then allow the laptop and the PDA to connect to it.

    Perhaps someone else has a better suggestion??

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