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Thread: Suggestions for newsfeeds

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    Suggestions for newsfeeds

    I'm planning to give free tech newsfeeds for other (small) sites or blogs.

    I've prepared two pages (one bright and the other dark colour) which will be updated on weekdays. So far, I've been planning that the code for these two pages will be provided as:
    <iframe src="" width="" height="" scrolling="no" frameborder=1></iframe>
    This code can be easily inserted into any webpage (I guess). See what it looks like in the attachment. The headlines will flash one after another. And there're two links to my site (at the top and at the bottom of the frame). I'm using two links in case someone tries to mess with the dimensions and hide my links, this way it would be quite difficult

    So, do you guys have any suggestions, advice or warnings? Anything I should be careful about before I start this?

    Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated
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