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Thread: XP Home Sudden Reboot

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    XP Home Sudden Reboot

    Well the thing is my comp suddently reboots with no warnings what so ever..

    Ive tried to disable the automatic reboot thing but i get no blue screens =(

    It all started when i changed my DVD Drive with a DVD Burner (Asus)
    and now it reboots for no reason, i think i can see a small pattern, it usually does it when im viewing tv on my comp (TV card) or playing games. But the reboot happens at other times when im not doing anything..

    First i thought it was a conflict between hdd and dvd burner so i set one of my hdd's to Primary Master
    and my second hdd to Secondary slave and my dvd burner is now secondary master..

    i noticed that in the IRQ settings my GFX card is sharing with 3 other USB ports/devices, so if i could just get some help on changing that and maybe a possible solution as to why my comp suddently reboots =/

    Im usually good at spotting the prob =p but atm im totally lost

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    Have you you done complete virus and anti-spyware scan of the computer.. also, have you updated to SP2 or at least fully patched with Hotfix updates??

    That should take care of that aspect, some other members will follow up with Hardware related troubleshooting

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    all that is done

    still same prob

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    First you need to check out what has really happened to your system.
    Go to:
    Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Event Viewer
    This shows the log of the system, you need to find your problem i think it will most likely be in the "System" look for "Save Dump" in the source column.
    Double click on that and see what the error was most likely it wont say much just numbers, still post them here it will also provide you with a mini dump (which is a pain in the .... to deal with). You can do a search on google with the numbers event viewer provides you.
    Other then that i think this mainly a bios hardware problem - try reinstalling the drivers for your dvdrom

    Hope this helps,


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    Ive had a similar problem after reinstalling XP and installing SP2. Come to find out that there are a multitude of problems that can cause the rebooting. These are the most common:

    1. If you have an Nvidia card (GFX or Tuner) its driver is prolly having a conflict with DEP.
    2. On some occasions installing SP2 on an "unclean" system can cause problems.
    3. DEP and AMD64 processors also conflict with each other.

    in the case of problem 1, just update to the newest drivers you can find. Nvidia claims they have fixed the conflict with DEP.

    in the case of number 2, try reinstalling xp and sp2 on a clean drive( this means new or formatted. and not a quick format either) install xp then sp2 then chipset, ethernet, modem, sound, video. If this still doesnt fix may want to read up on slipstreaming sp2 onto a XP cd and try that way..thats what i did to fix my constant rebooting.

    and for problem 3..theres really no fix..its in MS's hands for that.. but you can always disable DEP and see if that works. which is what i would try suggesting before any formatting, reinstalling, or slipstreaming. Hope this may help.
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