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Thread: Cant renew Ip

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    Unhappy Cant renew Ip

    I am uselly good with computers but i just cant seem to figure out how to do this.. i wanted to change my ip because of some porblems i was having and so i went to start run... ipconfig/ release then i did the renew and got off my computer for the night ... i booted it up this morning and there was no ip address... can anyone walk me through it ... this is on a HP Desktop... i am on my laptop so i can check messages

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    Hiya Kat,

    Let's just start by giving you a big welcome to the forum, and to say how much of a pleasure it is to have you with us today.

    Now on with your problem...

    I'm not the best expert in the world when it comes to networking because i've only just finished my N+ course, and only sat 2 courses of my MCSE so far, but i'll try my best and try not to sound too much of an idiot

    Now i assume your computer is a "home" computer connected to a workgroup and not a corp computer connected to a domain?

    Is it right in assuming you renewed your IP for your "network" connection?

    If this is the case, which operating system are you running?

    Also, why did you use MS DOS PROMPT to release your ip?

    Why not just right click "My network places", choose "properties", then right click your LAN connection, choose "properties" again, then left click "Internet protocal TCP/IP" and hit properties and set a new IP that way?

    Also what problems were you having that was so bad, that they made you want to change your ip address?

    If you could fill us in with a bit more information, then hopefully i'll be able to help you more
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