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Thread: to boost xp????

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    Exclamation to boost xp????

    hi,there i am the new kid on the block well my prob was i got xp loaded with my system well all of a sudden my system is taking more 3 mins to start windows r to shutdown...!!my config is 1.6 p4 n 128 mb ram how to boost pc speed in xp????

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    The first thing is to buy more memory. Here is a cheap way to do it. LINK

    I bought this memory last week. It is rock solid and had no trouble cooperating with the 512MB of Ultra PC3200 that I already had. While xp will boot and run with 128MB of memory, it will not run efficiently.
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    Hi razor, welcome to the "block".

    I agree with efc the best boost for XP is memory. With 128mb you could try running XP in Windows Classic mode > Start> My Computer> Properties> Advanced> Perfomance (Settings) and check-Adjust for best performance.

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    you may also change your hard disk to boost performance if its too old.

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