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Thread: System freezes after any service pack update

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    System freezes after any service pack update


    This has been a very very strange problem.
    When ever i install any service pack update on my WindowsXp (home or pro, tried it on both). After the service pack 1 or 2 is installed when i restart the computer, it freezes on "loading Xp".
    I seem to have tried everything i format my HDD, install a fresh copy of any winXp do the same thing and it happens again. Just freezes on loading.
    I can't access Safe Mode at all as well.
    I also can't seem to boot windows2003 server or linux fedora, or windows2000 - i tried installing them instead of XP. I can't boot any windows except XP and XP doesn't want to patch?
    Anyone have any ideas about this? Maybe a bios update?

    I also have legit copies of all windows products.

    Any suggestion...



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    Perhaps you could post your hardware details for us.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    Sounds like a HW issue which is diffcult to troubleshoot

    BIOS update if you haven't already

    Try a new HD next.

    After that try removing all external devices secondary IDE drives, SCSI cards, PCI cards ect.. to see if that helps

    After that your looking at motherboard memory ect...

    Good Luck

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