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Thread: MS Media Player 10 Config

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    MS Media Player 10 Config

    Just started using Windows Media player, need help with configuration. In playlist window is does anyone know of a way to configure the "title" list to be shown in alphabetical order? Looked everywhere, right clicks left clicks menu's, these ole eyes can not seem to find a way to do it. Any ideas? thanks much.

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    there is! in media library, click on the tab thing that
    says title, or artist or which ever you want. this will
    change it to a specific order, ie if you pressed artist
    it would display it in the artists alphabetical order

    Media library is located on the left side with now playing, media guide copy from CD etc...

    That works. But it doesn't work in Now Playing. ONly in Media library.

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    And it also seems to reset every time I start WMP

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