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Thread: Slow folder reaction

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    Slow folder reaction

    I when I open a folder on the desktop with lots of files or shortcuts in it, it takes a long time for windows to draw all the icons. I am not saying a really long amount of time, but slow enough that you can see it draw each one individually. Maybe 3-4 seconds for 10 items. I find this strange becase it only does this for folders on the desktop, if I open the desktop folder from my computer or something it is just instantaneous. I have a SATA HD, that was defragged recently, and I can't find the cause. I know there are more serious problems, but this is annoying as heck when you are trying to do something quickly. TIA.

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    how much RAM do you have?

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    I have 2GB of RAM. That is one reason I am so confused, lol. I noticed that it only happens for shortcuts, like if I had a word doc, it works fine. Seems like it is just taking a long time to draw the icons for the shortcuts to programs. And once I open a folder once, it gets cached or something, and is fine every time after that.

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    just an update. Know windows explorer is having a slow reaction. When I click on it it takes 2-5 seconds for it to open and it used to be instantaneous.

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    This is odd You need to post your system spec's as there must be something wrong with your hardware or its settings...maybe ???

    Have you changed anything lately ? Software (AV) ???

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    Maybe you need a computer clean-up. Eg. defrag, crap deletion...

    CCleaner is a good program for this.

    Even for a crap deleting freak like me, I was surprised it could delete another 200Mb more files than I can.
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    6) I increase the icon cache, On XP the Max Cached Icons is set too low for some of us...if your icons ooz into view, try this;

    to changed this got to regedit,HKEY_LOCAL_

    in the right window, double click max cached icons, type the value 8192.
    If you don't have this, open up your registry and make your way here:-
    MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows /currentversion / Explorer
    in the right side, right-click a blank area and choose "New" "String Value" and call it
    Max Cached Icons
    Double-click this new Key and type the value
    into the box
    If you want to try the DWORD version, follow the above but instead of making a new String Value, you should make a "New" "DWORD Value" and call it
    and give it a Value of
    2000 in Hexadecimal, or
    8192 in Decimal.
    then reboot you should see a big speed boost icon load, and opening folders.

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    something similiar

    i had something similiar to this, hopefully this will do the trick for you, not sure why it did it though,

    i found that moving the data out of the original folder into another folder cured the problem, it was something to do with the indexing i think.

    another instance was 1 corrupt folder slowing the draw rate down. move the folders around until you find the bad one. move the data out, delete the folder, re-create it and put the data back

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