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    Talking To (Rever), (Harry)

    Originally posted by Reverend
    Hey Gimie can't you find the edit button.
    Moan moan moan, that's all you ever do

    Well i could use just one post to reply to more then one person, but i find it respectful to allow a new post for each person/topic i'm replying too.

    Sure it puts the post count up, so what (hehe), and it takes a weee bit more space, but it gets my message across much more easier/clearer and the topics are seperated for full intake for readers, one post at a time .

    I could try another way of posting, but i don't think it will be as "Effective" as the one i got now


    [Update] Trying new reply system now [Update]

    Originally posted by harrytb
    you are right,it is windows blinds.
    i'm going to remove it soon,everytime i change the theme,the system doc window disapears off screen...DOHH!

    i know it takes loads of res,but it looks quite pretty.
    Yeah thought so, i can always tell a Windows Blind theme, they are very rough and have bold darkended edges at every boarder/corner of the Windows, yuk.

    I agree, Nortons System Doctor is very pretty to look at with all them graphs and complex information, lol , enjoy!

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