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Thread: Windows XP Home Version

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    Windows XP Home Version

    I just upgraded to Windows XP Home Version. I downloaded a 'Personal Web Server". That works fine. BUT I cant' figure out how to define a folder as a web-shared folder with read and write permissions.

    Ralph Evans

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    I dont use this software so I am not an expert but I found the following to be in the general area that you are talking about:
    Adding Virtual Directories

    By default, PWS installs a directory in which you can place any files you want to have published on your Web site. If your site becomes too complex, or you decide to use scripts and applications in your pages, you may want to create additional directories for your published content.

    To add a new virtual directory

    Open Personal Web Server and click the Advanced icon on the sidebar.
    In the Advanced window, click the Add button.
    In the Add Directory dialog box, type the path to the directory and an alias directory name.
    Set the directory access permissions by selecting Read, Execute, and Scripts.

    Read Read permission enables Web clients to read or download files stored in a home directory or a virtual directory. If a client sends a request for a file that is in a directory without Read permission, the Web server returns an error message. Generally, you should give directories containing information to publish (HTML files, for example) Read permission. You should disable Read permission for directories containing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications and Internet Server Application Program Interface (ISAPI) DLLs to prevent clients from downloading the application files.

    Execute Execute permission enables any application to run in this directory, including script engines and Windows NT binaries (.dll and .exe files). For security purposes, do not give content folders Execute permission.

    Scripts Enables a script engine to run in this directory without having Execute permission set. Use Script permission for directories that contain ASP scripts, Internet Database Connector (IDC) scripts, or other scripts. Script permission is safer than Execute permission because you can limit the applications that can be run in the directory. If a client sends a request to run a script in a folder that does not have Scripts permission, the Web server returns an error. By default, all directories created during setup have Scripts permission.

    In My Computer, click the folder you want to share.
    On the File menu, click Properties.
    On the Web Sharing property sheet, select Share this folder.
    Click Add and type the name of the alias you want for this directory in the Alias box. By default, the computer assigns the directory name as the alias if you do not change the information.
    Important When you click OK in the Edit Alias dialog box, your changes take effect immediately. Clicking Cancel on the Web Sharing property sheet does not cancel the alias assignment.
    The above was taken from the following site:

    Hope that helps,

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