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Thread: Who's your daddy?

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    Question Who's your daddy?

    Why do some men like to be called "daddy" in bed? Any advice for a woman who's mind wonders too far afield during love-making? Sexploration answers your queries. Have an intimate question? E-mail the author at [email protected]. He'll tackle select questions in future columns.

    Q: I'm a 37-year-old divorced man in Dallas who is now happily engaged to be married to a 25-year-old beautiful woman. For years, I've had a fetish for being called “daddy” during sex. It's a huge turn-on. It would not matter if the woman was older or younger than me. Where does this stem from and how healthy is it?


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    About this business of it slipping off: You aren’t using the “Magnum” size when you’re really a snub-nose .38, are you? You know, trying to show off? Making sure she sees the label? If so, big boy, try regular.
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    I am uncircumcised and gave up on using condoms early on in my sex life because my foreskin always seemed to create a problem when trying to apply a condom before sex and then trying to keep it on during sex.

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    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB
    Why do some men like to be called "daddy" in bed?
    I have several good lesbian friends, and I was informed about a year ago they play a game called "Who's ya daddy!"

    The game involves one of the partners playing "daddy" (being in total contol), while the other partner must lay motionless and may not move at all unless the "daddy" moves her.

    Personally for me the concept does nothing, I like to share the work load

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