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Thread: Backend site managment system

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    Backend site managment system

    Hello once again,seems i am asking alot of questions since my arrival.

    This time i wanted to ask opinions on a good page management system.What i am looking for is as follows.

    A system that is accesed via a backend admin panel that will allow me to create new pages,catagories and sub catagories,and finally it must have the option to allow different Menu blocks on certain catagories/pages.

    Now i already know of a ton of CMS's that can do these things but most of them simply have alot of extra stuff i do not need or desire.I have searched through many such as


    So i wanted to ask through anyones personal expierience have they ever come across something similar to what i described above?I already have built my own site template so now i just need to find a suitable managent system.Thank you all for your time.

    Just wanted to also add i know there are many topics similar to this but so far most of them have died off or do not help

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    Try WordPress (and forgive me if I seem to be suggesting it too often )
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    Thanks for the suggestion but i tryed wordpress once before didn't find it to enjoyable and had many problems getting it to even run correctly on our server.

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    It is used here at Techzonez. Not the easiest in the world to work with, very advanced stuff, but once you get the hang of it I think you will not find a better backend. Try the demo. I have a site at that has some special pages, but I have drifted away from it, so don't look for anything up-to-date except for the homepage.

    Hope this helps.
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