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Thread: Gateway Solo 1150

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    Gateway Solo 1150

    Anybody have a clue how to go about replacing a LCD screen on a Gateway Solo 1150? Can't find any documentation anywhere on the web. Tried Gateway web site and they had nothing on lcd screen replacement.

    Someone brought me a dead laptop to fix. Turns out the machine was in a flood and all internals got wet. Tried booting the machine and obviously, it won't boot. My first step is to replace the bottom half that is housing the motherboard, hard drive, etc. Once I get that (from ebay) I will need to have some idea how to replace the lcd screen. Any ideas? I already know that I should tell the owner to buy a new or better one, however that is not an option right now. As a favor to him, I'm trying to get this up and running.

    If I see hard drive activity and no display (after replacing the lcd) I will assume the lcd is bad also and begin searching ebay again for a cheap lcd.


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    Three generic ways to remove LCDs. They are not specifically for the Gateway 1150 Model however. I looked for the gateway 1150 model but couldn't find anything specific.

    That is a 9300 disassembled... basically the same thing...

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