Ill be quick about this cause I know like most of you I was banging my head as to how to get this to work. This is what I did and its been playinng for hours without any garble. If you deviate from what I have done, post it if theres a quicker way.

I installed the drivers from the disc that I got with the set, you will get alot of errors but it should still install fine. I would also assume you can DL the orginal NOV19 driver and install under compatability mode. (DL to desktop--->right click---->properties----->compatability and change to XP) install and reboot.

Next, I installed the 2nd driver set (april5) and instead of installing under compatibilty mode, I opened the .exe with WINRAR and went to Drivers---->Support----->i386----->ctzapxx.exe and select "driver install" and leave "overwrite existing drivers" unchecked.

Reboot and let me know how it worked.

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